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Our multicultural products are designed by teachers for teachers so they are aligned with the National Curriculum and even received praise from Ofsted inspectors! Below is some of the feedback we have received in the media and from customers.

Victoria Duddy of Longscroft Children’s Nursery School says in ‘Nursery Education’ "We found these dolls' clothes offered an excellent opportunity for children to begin learning about other cultures through an exploration of the styles, patterns and textures of commonly worn clothing".

The citation with our award from ‘Practical Pre-School’ magazine described our multicultural dress up and dolls’ outfits as "Delightfully different dressing-up clothes with the added novelty of being able to look the same as a doll! Children are able to put the sari on themselves".

They had such fun today with the box, and I wanted you to know how fantastic it is. The children adored the clothes, the sizing is just right, the fabric beautiful and robust, and attention to detail great. They are using them in their Christmas play.

"The dolls' clothes are also great -- couldn't praise the box highly enough!" These were the comments from Maureen Gibbs, a pre-school worker in West Sussex, on the use of a multicultural resource box made up of EWE's costumes and supplied by EYDCP West Sussex to their network centres throughout the county.

"The sophistication and humour of the stories [for the Akbar and Birbal puppets] make them especially suitable for use at Key Stage 2. The relationship between Akbar and Birbal can be used for teaching about characterisation, written dialogue and play scripts. The stories also provide the opportunity to explore words from other languages and the influence they have had on English". Helen Hicks, Ethnic Minority Achievement Coordinator, Crawley.

Andrea Moss of Darrick Wood Infant School commented on the Indian Wedding set: "The Indian Wedding Set was a super practical resource that the teaching staff could use in a multi-sensory approach because of the music, costumes and props it incorporated".

Each year EWE expands its range of multicultural resources in line with feedback from teachers and social changes.

Please do contact us with your feedback and suggestions for future products.