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meet the women who sew

In the last 10 years EWE has sponsored 80 women through a year’s training course in tailoring in Bangalore which included a stipend, medical care and classes in English and life skills. About half of them have worked for EWE for 2-5 years earning a fair wage with the benefits of a 5 day week, English classes and the opportunities for further education. Here are Lydia’s and Radha’s stories.

Also meet Sasi and Jayapal EWE has helped them set up a small village enterprise, Sagayam, in a tiny village about two hours out of Chennai. They train and employ the village women to handcraft all the cloth dolls, the Ramayana puppets, the fashion doll outfits and the hand embroidered waistcoats, because otherwise the village has limited opportunities for vocational training or income generation.