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Set of 10 Costumes

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Multicultural Dressing-Up Costumes-Assorted Multicultural/Ethnic Costumes

Dressing-up costumes from South East Asia, Oriental & African styles.  In this package you get a set of 10 multicultural dress up costumes for Children:1 x pre-pleated Sari/Saree for girl, 1 x Kurta Pyjama for boy, 1 x Cheongsam for Girl, 1 x Tong Chang for Girl, 1 x Tong Chang for Boy, 1 x West African dress for girl 1 x West African outfit for boy , 1 x Somali dress for girl 1 x Somali outfit for boy and 1 x Jellaba for Boy

Girl's Sari 

The graceful Sari/Saree is the national dress of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Saris are worn in a variety of ways in different areas but the style shown here is the most common. They can vary in length from 5 to 9 yards according to the style. Each region also has its own traditional woven borders and designs.

For this style put on the blouse with the opening in front. Snip the tacking holding the pleats in place for packing and put on the sari so that the pleats are in front. The rest of the sari is wound round the body once and then pleated over the left shoulder. The palloo which hangs down the back and can be used to cover the head, is usually more decorative than the rest of the Sari.

-Sari come pre-pleated for a authentic look, with an attached petticoat. Has adjustable waist
-Silky easycare polyester with a gold border, the matching blouse is lined.
-Available for ages 2-4(Height:100cm), 4-6(Height:110cm) , 6-8 (Height:120cm), 9-11 (Height:140cm), 12-13 (Height:150cm) and Adult version. 

Waist for 2-4 & 4-6 Year old Sari/Saree is elasticated

Waist for 6-8, 8-10 & 11-13 Year old Sari/Saree has drawstring waist band.


Boy's Kurta Pyjama worn in North India and in a looser version in Pakistan, consists of a long shirt and trousers topped with a hand-embroidered waistcoat.

The kurta (shirt) Pyjamas (trousers) are worn by men throughout India, though more commonly in the North. It is loose and cool and ideal for a hot climate. In Pakistan and Afghanisthan men wear a looser and longer version called a salwar kameez. Many kinds of waistcoats are worn when it is cooler and for more formal occasions. This colourful waistcoat is hand embroidered in the Kutchi style.

The word pyjamas, defined as’ loose trousers for sleeping’, is one of many from Indian languages that has come into common usage in English. Other common ‘Indian’ words are jungle, khaki, bungalow, punch, shampoo, chintz, catamaran, jodhpurs and juggernaut.

This outfit has been made in India by disadvantaged young women.

Kurta Pyjamas: polyester Waistcoat: of mixed fibres

Wash Kurta Pyjamas in cold water / Dryclean waistcoat


Girl's Tong Chang is still worn in rural China. The high necked jacket is in brightly coloured satin jacquard with matching elasticized trousers in plain satin.


Boy's Tong Chang consisting of a jacket with a high collar and traditional 'frog' fastening is piped in black to match the elasticised black satin trousers.


Girls's West African Dress has an elasticized sarong or wraparound in bold cotton prints or batik and is worn with a stylish frilled blouse and a matching head scarf that can be worn in many ways.


Boy's Jellaba is worn throughout North Africa and the Middle East in various forms. Our version is in traditional cotton with a design around the neck and sleeves and elaborately embroidered cap.


Colours and designs shown on this website are representative only as a wide variety of fabrics are used. If you are interested in a specific colour, please email us to check availability before ordering. 

-Available for ages 2-4(Height:100cm), 4-6(Height:110cm) , 6-8 (Height:120cm). 

This outfit has been made in India by disadvantaged young women.

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We do not supply goods on a sale or return basis.  Goods supplied correctly to order are not normally returnable.  Colours and designs shown on this website are representative only as a wide variety of fabrics are used.  If you are interested in a specific colour, for example please telephone or email us to check availability before ordering.  Our handloom fabrics will characteristically show slubs and random colour cotton fibre.
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