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Indian Wedding Kit

An Indian wedding is an elaborate and festive affair, full of colourful rituals and ceremonies. We have put together a complete pack for you which includes: · exquisite costumes for a bride and groom in 4-6 years old and 9-11 year old sizes; · a CD of wedding shennai music, the priest's chanting and bhangra music to dance to at the reception; · a decorated tray with Coconut to signify fertility; Rice, the food necessary for human life; Sindhur (red powder) used for marking the forehead; and a special wedding necklace (mangal sutra); · plus a laminated description of the wedding with explanations and suggestions for classroom use. The bride wears a red ghagra choli with matching bangles and teeka for her forehead. Her golden, sequined dupatta (scarf) is elaborately fringed in gold. (Press buttons attach the dupatta to the skirt waist and a loop holds it in place on her blouse shoulder.) The groom is handsome in a beige embroidered tunic (sherwani), an ornate gold trimmed turban and a long red scarf. Note: This is an educational resource to be used under adult supervision; it is not a toy. Colours and designs shown on this website are representative only as a wide variety of fabrics are used. If you are interested in a specific colour, please email us to check availability before ordering.
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